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Simply roll each pant cuff up to desired height and affix cityclips to your pant cuffs. They can be worn multiple ways:


  • wear only two of the four - simply clip one to the back cuff of each pant above the heel 

  • wear all four at once - attach two clips to the front and back of the pant cuff (positioned above the heel and front of foot)

  • wear all four at once - attach to the inner and outer part of the pant leg near the ankle (in front of or behind the seam)

The whole process is simple and takes seconds. Once attached, strong magnets hold the cuff rolled up and protect pants from dragging. Now high and dry, the fabric acts as a sling and your pant cuffs will stay rolled until you've reached your destination and are ready to take them off.

To remove: simply slide or twist off cityclips, unroll your pants, and put on your heels. Be sure to slide the magnet, not the decorative button. When you’re not using cityclips stash them in their small drawstring bag and throw them in your purse for the next rainy day.

Certain pants work better than others. Before you leave the house, make sure your clips are secure and that the magnets have a strong hold on fabric. Give each clip a little tug to ensure hold. You may need to modify the way you’re wearing them depending on pant thickness and length.



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