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Since you don’t always know when it’s going to rain or snow, relying on wellies or boots alone doesn’t always work. Keeping a set of cityclips in your bag means that you’ll always be ready to beat the elements and protect your pants.


cityclips use super strong magnets, surrounded by fabric that acts as a sling, to hold up pant cuffs. They're the perfect temporary, fashionable solution to the pant-length dilemma that plagues every city gal living and commuting to work each day.


Expertly made of thick wool similar to suit pants or denim, cityclips come plain or decorated with fun, whimsical buttons such as rhinestone brooches and vintage gold buttons.


Most work pants are hemmed longer to be worn with high heels and when you don flats the bottoms can drag, wrinkle, rip, and wear down. cityclips protect pants from wear and tear and prolong the life of your expensive slacks. Ideal for any savvy “recessionista,” cityclips cut down on new clothing expenses and dry cleaning bills.


Made in New York City, using only high-end materials, cityclips are the brainchild of a twenty-something Manhattanite who ruined one too many pairs of expensive pants and seeks to help all urban-dwelling gals who skip the high heels and opt to wear comfy boots, flip-flops, or sneakers while walking or taking the subway to work.


In the rain, in the snow and slush, or any day of the week - cityclips save your favorite slacks and quickly pay for themselves when you see your much-loved pants lasting more than just one season!



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